Well Read Wednesday: Northwest Edible Life

It's the first Wednesday of July which means it's once again time for another Well Read Wednesday. To change things up a bit, today I'm reviewing a great and informative blog I've been reading for the last few months: Northwest Edible Life, maintained by Erica Strauss.


Erica (yes, this might be confusing - or a fun coincidence) is an urban (or suburban?) homesteader living in the greater Seattle area (not that far from me, actually), not only doing cool, crazy gardening things, but also cooking, canning, duck-keeping, and the works. Her blog is divided up into five sections, but as I only (for the most part) read the gardening section, that is the one I'm going to talk about today.

Erica has a lot of expertise and experience maintaining a successful edible garden here in the Northwest. One of my favorite things about her blog is that she has great advice specific to growing different food crops in our non-standard temperate climate as well as for things like common pests you may find in this area. Her gardening knowledge often seems boundless, and even when I choose a post about something I'm not actually growing, I still feel like I learn a lot about gardening in general from her.

Like many of us from the Pacific Northwest, she has a little hipster in her (okay, so probably a little more than some, since she's a homesteader). This means that she has great advice and insight on how to be green in your garden and how to problem-solve with as few chemicals as possible. This is great for me as it is a requirement in my garden that I stay away from certain chemicals. In addition, I really appreciate her open-minded approach to the many subjects on her website. I can very much relate to her annoyance over why people can't keep their weird diets to themselves as well as the confusion that comes from what seems like the impossible struggle to eat healthily and ethically, and I appreciate her making me laugh about both.

Why I Read It

I actually first stumbled across Erica's blog when I was researching on how to hand pollinate my tomatillos and peppers (which I will write about one day, I promise). She had a really informative post on plant pollination that I think makes the whole thing a lot clearer and very straight-forward. From there I kind of just got lost in her gardening section.

I hope you too enjoy Northwest Edible Life! Meanwhile, I'm preparing a new set of interviews for Green Thumb Thursdays and a how-to on my DIY drip bucket, so check back soon (but not quite tomorrow)!