AeroGarden Wisdom

While gardening can often be meditative, when starting new plants there's no end to the number of things I stress over. From whether or not I'm poisoning my plants (or myself) with fertilizer to why, oh why have my seeds not sprouted, I probably spend way more time than necessary sweating the small stuff.

Flower fell off before pollination? Let's definitely ask anyone who will listen if they think my chances at fruit are long gone. Spot on a plant sponge? Let's spend an hour or two every night this week reading about molds and fungi that like peat. And let's face it, that's definitely more time than I've ever given to any other sort of mold or fungus in my life.

But clearly, the people over at MiracelGro know this.

So right when I'm about to crack from the stress of whatever this week's plant problem is, my AeroGarden pops up with a tip that is sometimes helpful, often chiding, and always disturbingly well-timed.

Between house hunting, my work on-call rotation, and some volunteering commitments, I haven't been able to finish any of the five posts I currently have in progress. So in lieu of an actual post, here is a bit of gardening insight from everyone's favorite counter-top planter...